The Kindness of Strangers

I woke up with a sore throat. I couldn’t speak, could only croak. I croak a normal daily question to my husband. He doesn’t even notice that his wife is speaking like a crow. I get the morning chores done and take my kid to school. I talk to my friend on the phone. She doesn’t notice that I have a sore throat. I get down from the auto rickshaw. The auto rickshaw driver tells me, “You have a sore throat. Drink warm water and have that Rs.3 tablet which starts with a C.” HE MEANT A STREPSILS. Touched, I thank him. I go to buy a bottle of water. The shopkeeper wordlessly hands me a room temperature bottle of water, not chilled, as I normally buy. I go to my local café and order a burger. Its self service there. But he hears me croaking and tells me to take a seat. He will bring my burger to me. What is this world in which we live? Where loved ones don’t seem to notice you and strangers overwhelm you with their kindness?

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