Emily’s Quest by L.M.Montgomery

L.M.Montgomery is one of my absolutely favourite authors. And I know you are supposed to like Anne of Green Gables the most of all her books but frankly, I can’t. Emily has some appeal which Anne never had. Perhaps because Anne is like an open book full of fun, mischief and goody goody love while Emily is much more appealing with her Murray and Starr heritage. This book is the third part of the Emily trilogy and my personal favourite. Montgomery has a real gift of describing beauty so that you feel you are really standing in the place being described. I can’t stand long descriptions of places by most authors. It seems awfully dull. But with Montgomery the words seem to float out of the book and take you with them. Our Emily is a writer, she writes because she cannot not write (I can empathise!). She is funny and stubborn and loves taking long walks under the night sky. All things disapproved in women. I love Emily! I always feel Teddy Kent, whom she has always loved, is not good enough for her. I liked Dean Priest better, Emily’s friend and fiancé whom she ditches post having a vision in which she saves Teddy. Why??? But apart from this dissatisfaction, it is a great book. If nothing else, read it for the beauty hidden within every page like the elusive, mesmerising scent of some perfume. Oh and for Mr.Carpenter’s advice who is Emily’s old schoolteacher and mentor to would be authors. Beware of italics! Point taken, Mr. Carpenter!

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