I am so much more than what you see, what you believe,

Your impression about me weighs me down, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe;

The world beckons me, promising sunshine and rainbows,

But I sigh and turn my back, remembering my promise to you;

Sorrow stabs my soul and I turn to you seeking solace,

But you push the knife deeper, turning the bruise into a festering wound;

I see you holding the key to my freedom,

Everything will be all right, you smile beckoning me closer;

I make to grab the key,

But I find myself falling;

‘Help me, I am trapped’, I cry,

I push and shove against the unrelenting bars of my prison;

‘Don’t be afraid, my darling’, you croon,

‘This prison is my gift, I know what is best for you.’

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