When the world gets you down..

You are wrong, they say silencing me,

We are always right, so you have to be wrong;

I know, I am right, I can feel it in my bones,

But I reason, perhaps it is better to give in;

You are wrong, they taunt,

Your silence says it all;

There is nowhere to turn, no one for succour,

Outnumbered a hundred to one, I am shamed and defeated;

Who says you are wrong, asks my mother sternly,

‘You are a fighter, not a loser’ says she;

‘True’ thunders my dad,

‘And I will bash anybody’s head who says otherwise’

I look at them with wondering eyes, as the truth finally dawns on me,

They can come at me, with their weapons of fear and scorn;

But I will win, oh I know I will,

For the world’s finest warriors have my back!

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