It’s like this Cat by Emily Cheney Neville

This is another book which I got from a second-hand roadside stall. It a very old book and winner of the Newbery Medal for Excellence in American Children’s Literature. That’s what made me buy this book and the cover, featuring a boy and a cat. And boy, what a gem this book is! Its one of those stories which you can read time and time again. Like comfort food, there are comfort books too. And this book definitely qualifies! Nothing really exciting or mysterious happens in the story. But I feel books which interest you despite any out of the ordinary occurrences are really special. The connection with the characters is somehow more intimate. The story follows the life of one Dave Mitchell, a typical 14-year-old American boy. He shares a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with his father who is a lawyer. A neighbourhood lady called Kate, who is mad about cats, introduces him to Cat, a tomcat. Dave adopts him and christens him Cat. One of the principal reasons why he wants a cat is because his father always pesters him to have a dog. I am sure everybody can relate with that. Parents do not understand, do they? And once you grow up and have kids, its your kids who do not understand! Moving on, most of the relationships which our Dave develops have some connection with Cat. Tom, an older boy and friend and Mary, Dave’s ‘girl’ friend. Read this book if you can get hold of it. It is definitely worth the effort!

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