I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

In the mood for some chic lit? Then, Sophie Kinsella is your man, oops, woman! There is hardly any Sophie Kinsella book which I have not read and reread and loved. But I’ve Got Your Number is my absolute favourite. The book has a novel premise. Poppy Wyatt is a delightful, lovable, relatable character. She loses her engagement party which is a family heirloom and very, very expensive. On top of it, she has the misfortune of losing her cell phone. So, she pinches, no, picks up a cell phone from a bin. And that is how she meets Sam Roxton, one of the cutest and most adorable of heroes. But you see, the cell phone belongs to Sam or technically to his PA. The two end up sharing a cell phone. Ever heard this plot before? No. So, check this one out!

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