There is Still Hope..

I make a rule never to read a newspaper or watch the news before evening. By that time, anything wrong that has to go with my day has already taken place. So, then it’s safe to expose myself to the news. There is hardly anything heartening about the news most days. Makes no sense starting your day hearing some tragic case of child abuse (these ones I hate the most), political nonsense or international disturbances. Phew! If an alien were asked to give an opinion on human beings of the world only on the basis of the news, we will surely be blacklisted from every planet in the Universe! But really, is our world really so bad? Maybe it is not really sensible of me but I prefer to fill my world with beauty not darkness. I know the bigger picture looks depressing most of the times. But there is still hope… The world is like this huge machine and we are the different tiny bits and components of this machine. As long most of these bits and pieces are working fine, the machine will continue to function properly, more or less. Now, there are hardly any people who fail to smile back when a little baby smiles at them, all wet gums and cuteness. Most people still bear with the ramblings of old folks in the bus or train. And lastly, the mention of the word ‘Mother’ still brings out the best in people.  And so long as that holds true, there is still hope for this world.

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