Easy Peasy Veggies Soup

Feeling hungry late at night is a nuisance! Nine times out of ten you tend to choose a snack which you should think twice about eating even during the day. And we end up bingeing on it at night! Chips, chocolates and juices are the usual suspects. Last night, I felt the stirrings of hunger at midnight and you know what I had… soup. Mind you not an instant cup soup but a freshly prepared homemade soup. Now, I always thought soups were a lot of work. It involves so much chopping, blending, straining and boiling! Better to enjoy one in a restaurant or there is always the packet variety. But actually not all soups require much preparation. It all depends on the type of soup you choose to make. This soup for instance needs vegetables which you will mostly have at home, a minimal amount of chopping and it gets made in a jiffy. What’s not to love! So, to the recipe.


1 chopped carrot

1 small chopped onion

A handful of green peas 

A handful of corn

2 tablespoon milk

1 teaspoon ginger garlic paste

A small handful of chopped mint leaves

1.5 teaspoon whole wheat flour

2 teaspoon tomato ketchup

A pinch of black pepper

A pinch of oregano

A pinch of chaat masala or sandwich masala

Salt as per taste


In a deep pan, boil chopped carrots, corn and green peas. Drizzle olive oil in another pan. Add chopped onions when the oil is hot. Once the onions turn pink, add the tomato ketchup and ginger garlic paste. After a couple of minutes, pour in the milk, all the spices, salt and whole wheat flour diluted in water. Once your veggies turn soft, add the veggies and the stock to the simmering sauce. Check the salt and seasoning and add the fresh chopped mint leaves. Cover and cook for another 5-7 minutes and you are done! Transfer to your favourite cup or bowl and dig in!

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