House of the Pines by Jan Tempest

A beautiful young heroine. Check. Two handsome heroes and one plain. Check. An old house. Check. Spooky atmosphere. Check. Now what makes this book different is how the the author weaves the entire mystery around a pack of cards. Beautiful Yves Petrone returns to her ancestral home House of the Pines with her half sister Becky responding to a plea by Torquil, her ex fiancé and current tenant to convince his wife Dana that the house is not haunted. Becky is an amateur fortune teller. Cards are her medium. Yves doesn’t believe in fortunes but always humours her sister. But Becky seems to hit a lucky streak once back at the her old house. Everything she foretells comes out to be true. Including a potential suitor for Yves, the dashing, mysterious Brett Vanuson. Does he love Yves or is he still waiting for his ex lover and Torquil’s wife Dana to come back to him? Or is he in league with the nanny Manon? What is with Torquil’s penchant for blondes? (I know it detracts from the mysterious air I am trying to build but its true 😊). This is one mystery book which I long to discuss with fellow bookworms. But unfortunately I haven’t met anyone who has already read it. But they do read it once I have finished extolling its beauties to them. Give this book a chance, next time you crave some gothic mystery. It won’t disappoint you!

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