The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie

How did Agatha Christie do it? How could every book she ever wrote be the perfect murder mystery? Death on the Nile, And Then There were None and Murder on the Orient Express are few of my top favourites. Only thing is being a whodunnit you can read her books only once. But there are so many of them that you can be assured to be pleasantly and chillingly occupied for a couple of months. There was a time when all I ever read was Agatha Christie books. Even something as normal as the elevator stopping midway had me thinking mysteries and murders 😊 The ABC Murders features the beloved Hercule Poirot, the little man with the big moustache. The one who solves the most mysterious of crimes only by using his ‘little grey cells’. Like all Hercule Poirot mysteries, this book has an interesting premise. There is a serial killer on the loose and he is meticulously going by the letter. He starts with the letter A, the first victim being a Mrs Ascher staying in Andover and merrily works his way through the alphabet. What’s more, he is so good as to drop a line to Poirot every time mentioning when and where the next murder is to be committed. Talk about confidence! I can’t even be sure of what time I will reach work the next day! Does Poirot manage to catch his devoted correspondent? Of course, he does or there won’t be a book! Read the book to find out how and be bowled over by Christie’s brilliance yet again.

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