The Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger

I lovvve this series! This was my first leap into the steampunk genre and though since then I have read other books steampunky, nothing comes close to this for sheer wow! The world building is amazing. Set in an alternate history version of Victorian England, this world has it all, humans, werewolves and vampires. And they all coexist happily, more or less. Oooh, did I mention the soulless or the preternaturals? The soulless are human beings with no souls. I mean literally no souls. Only people with “excess soul” can be turned into vampires and werewolves. The soulless having no soul are immune to such transformations and they are also unaffected by the powers of the former. In fact, the soulless are the only ones who can effectively kill the fanged and the furred members of the society. The heroine of this series is one terrific lady. Alexia Tarabotti later Lady Maccon is a soulless. She is still unmarried at the ripe old age of twenty-six, her too Italian complexion is looked down upon and she is the daughter of the notorious Alessandro Tarabotti, a famous preternatural. What is more, she is fond of eating and speaking her mind! Man, I love Alexia. The series follows her adventures and misadventures. The care and love with which Gail Carriger has moulded all the characters shows in every page. There is Lord Maccon, Alexia’s loud and often nude werewolf husband. Ivy Hisselpenny, the wearer of the most outrageously ugly hats and Alexia’s best friend. Incidentally, poor Alexia being a soulless is fashion handicapped because her style lacks soul! See what I mean about Gail Carriger’s writing? And then there is Lord Akeldama, the vampire! If for nothing else, read this series for this oh so delicious vampire.  

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