The ‘joy’ of giving..

Okay, I know this title makes it sound as if I am going to launch into a tedious, goody-goody sermon but don’t worry, I won’t. But I can’t help puzzling about this topic at times. The other day, I ordered a couple of pastries to give to our household help. I gave them to her with a smile. She nodded, took the box and smiled back. End of story, right? But I saw her when she left our house. She was holding the box very carefully so as not to upset the pastries inside. I imagined her going home and handing over the box to her kids. I could almost see the grin the little boy gave to his mother as he took a huge bit. I could see our maid smiling as she ate the last tiny piece of cake. And I felt joy! Now, I feel happy when I dig into the moist, chocolaty Death by Chocolate pastry at my favorite patisserie. But that happiness pales before this one. This joy is more overwhelming and somehow it lasts much longer. It’s as if God has deliberately fashioned us this way just so as to ensure that we do our bit to help those less fortunate than us. What do you think?

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