Just William by Richmal Crompton

Pick up any book in Crompton’s William series when you are feeling down in the dumps. The misadventures of William are bound to put the smile back on your face. The mischievous, well-meaning, rough and determined eleven-year-old William is a child you will love to read about but never ever want under your roof. He might charge guests to come and hear you snoring or put lemon soap in your lemon pie! His intentions are always very honourable but somehow it always works out badly for the person he is trying to help. William together with his Outlaws, Ginger, Henry and Douglas are always just one step ahead of trouble. They detest girls in general and Violet Elizabeth in particular, a small, shrewd girl with a lisp who has a passion for William. And let me tell you, she is among the minority. Almost everybody including most of William’s family members are always looking for ways to rid themselves of William’s company. William knows this and always uses it to his advantage. All of us have known children like William or been like him! Maybe that is why the stories never seem to get old and William remains as fresh as ever. I read these books as a kid and I still turn to them every now and then when I just want to escape being a grown up for some time. So next time that urge takes hold of you, you know what to do right?

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