The Good, The Bad and The Smug by Tom Holt

You know how I discovered Tom Holt…? By reading the Mapp & Lucia books written by him. I had finished all written by E.F.Benson, found two more written by somebody called Tom Holt and gobbled them like the rest. I couldn’t believe somebody could have so seamlessly taken over E.F.Benson’s books. Had I not already known that these two books were written by a different author, I would have never come to know. And that would have been a major loss. I would have missed out on two Lucia books and never discovered the zany, laugh out loud funny and unbelievably cool world of Tom Holt. Each of his stories is absolutely, completely different but with the quintessential, Tom Holt funniness running through every single page. The Good, The Bad and The Smug is one great read. As the title suggests, it questions our perceptions of good and bad and turns them completely over their heads. It makes you THINK but you think while having a good laugh. That is my idea of a good book. It follows the stories of several different characters over different universes but it all ties up in the end. One of the protagonists is Mordak, the king of goblins. Of course he is wickedly evil. Why? Oh, because he is a goblin! The goblins are all evil. So, whether he is getting better roads made or ensure that all goblin homes have indoor toilets, it is all part of a conspiracy! I love Tom Holt!!! Then we have his take on the subprime crisis via Mr Winckler or Rumpelstiltskin. His adventures or misadventures are laugh out loud funny. Oh and there is also a Dark Lord who wants pretty curtains for his tower, a snarky, witty elf and a whole lot of other amazing characters. Do give this one a try. You won’t regret it. And once you are done with this one, there are lots of other Tom Holt beauties to choose from. Happy reading!  

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