Life is Beeyootiful!

I have this thing… when I read an uplifting book or watch a movie in which the characters go through the most awful trials courageously, cracking witty jokes and with a smile on their face, I can’t help but think that had I been in their shoes, I would have done just as well or fine, may be just a little worse than them. I would have been brave and beautiful… an inspiration. Come on life, give me my moment of glory! I am sure we all have such thoughts now and then, right?

One of my favourite movies of all time is Life is Beautiful. I smile, I laugh, I cry, the movie ends but the characters stay with me for many a day. I wish I could meet Guido, I wish I could reassure Dora that her husband and son are ok, I wish I could hug Giosue tight. And I wish I could have been with them and been just as brave. But we are not in a movie, right?

But the current Covid climate is just like being stuck in a detention centre, with no way out. The enemy is everywhere, there is no way out. In Mumbai, where I stay, the number of cases seem never ending, each day ushers in higher number of cases and casualties. There are no malls where we can go relax on a weekend, no coffee shops to unwind with friends. Heck, one can’t even go to the neighbourhood park. And the worst part is the uncertainty, not knowing when it will end. People you know, friends and relatives, are succumbing to the dreaded virus. They did everything right but it was not enough. Nothing is enough. There is no hope.

See, how easy it is to sink into depression? You don’t have to do anything, just give up. But great books and great movies never get made on such depressed people. For one thing, there are just too many of them. And for other, who wants to peep into their lives? What good will it do? No, it is heroes who people want to know… people who are brave and beautiful. People who make you feel good just by smiling at you. People who smile and laugh and make your day brighter. People who are heroes. Now is your chance… grab it! Be the hero of your very own movie. Who knows you might just be the inspiration for the next great book or movie?

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