What if Fairy Tales came true?

You know that one dream you have? The one which you want to come true, over all others? The one which will turn your humdrum, boring life into something akin to a fairy tale. The dream you wish every time you blow out your birthday candles or on every fallen eyelash? Yeah, that dream. What if it came true? I have a dream like that. When I have a spare moment or when I am feeling low, I envisage what my life will be like if that one dream came true. The one which I have been wishing for since almost a decade.

But still, it remains as far away as ever… just like a fairy tale! And what really burns me up is that there are other people for whom that dream is actually a reality and they do not appreciate it! Talk about morons! I see other people with such lives and wonder how can they be so blase about it. If they could only glance within my heart, peep within my soul, they would know what a priceless treasure they possess. Sometimes, I feel as if I will spontaneously combust if that dream, really really became a reality. I would be like a real princess in a fairy tale. Wow!

But then again, is my fairy tale life really going to fulfill me? Yes, this unattainable dream has given me endless sorrow and heartache. But…it has also given me so many opportunities. Opportunities which I would never have grabbed had my fairy tale life been handed to me on a platter. This dream has made me better, stronger, wiser. And I think, what will its fulfillment do for me? What will I work for? What will I dream about? Won’t my life become empty at some deep, unfathomable level, if I attained the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow. Hmm… The closest analogy which I can think of is getting to eat the most sinful, delicious, moist, heavenly slice of chocolate cake! My all time, favorite, go to food. What if I got to eat such a chocolate cake at every meal, every single day of my life. Just the thought makes me shudder. Talk about saccharine!

And I think that is how my life would be, if I really attained my fairy tale dream. Isn’t it ironical? When I finally get to live my fairy tale life, I won’t really be a princess, in any way that really matters. I would be complacent, lazy and lethargic. Far better that I utilise my fairy tale dream to push myself ever higher in life. And when the one above thinks the time is right, that dream would come true. If it has to! Till then, I will keep in mind that, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!”

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