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The Miracle called the Parental Heart

Sometimes, I feel the parental heart is not one of the organs of the human body at all, it is something stupendous, something ethereal. It is the sum of all the virtues which the world can boast of. There is nothing it is not equal to where the child is concerned. From simple things like saying no to the last piece cake so that your little daughter can have it to convincing your grown up son over and over again that you are happy living alone and there is no need for him to disrupt his busy schedule and come down for a visit. And the funny thing is… we all do it. You might think you will never be that kind of person who gives somebody else’s life so much precedence over your own. But just wait till you become a mommy or a daddy; when you hold your new-born baby in your hands for the first time, when you look into its lovely, innocent face, all your declarations will just vanish along with your heart. There will only be place for your baby inside. It is like magic, the best kind of magic.

It makes us something better than what we ever were, something closer to perfect angels than just ordinary human beings. It is something so beautiful that witnessing it makes your heart ache. I recently lost a relative to the Covid pandemic. He was a father. His son was stuck in another country, unable to come see his father. And the father assured him while he was on his dying bed, his son was to not even think of coming back and that he will pray that his son becomes a great and successful man. All this before he died! I can say no more…

When the world gets you down..

You are wrong, they say silencing me,

We are always right, so you have to be wrong;

I know, I am right, I can feel it in my bones,

But I reason, perhaps it is better to give in;

You are wrong, they taunt,

Your silence says it all;

There is nowhere to turn, no one for succour,

Outnumbered a hundred to one, I am shamed and defeated;

Who says you are wrong, asks my mother sternly,

‘You are a fighter, not a loser’ says she;

‘True’ thunders my dad,

‘And I will bash anybody’s head who says otherwise’

I look at them with wondering eyes, as the truth finally dawns on me,

They can come at me, with their weapons of fear and scorn;

But I will win, oh I know I will,

For the world’s finest warriors have my back!