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Mum Style Steamed Milk Pudding

I have been having this pudding since I was a kid. My mum used to make it when we had guests over for lunch. Everybody used to like it but there was one problem. My mum used a particular pan to make this pudding and she could never make more pudding than what would fill her special pan. So, whether we had two guests or ten, the pudding was always the same size! But don’t worry, over the years she has perfected the ratio of the different ingredients in this pudding, so you can go ahead and choose what size you want your pudding to be. But do stick to the ratio or the consistency won’t be what it should be. Now, this is one dessert which doesn’t require much work. Just a couple of minutes of preparation and then it quietly steams itself. Did I mention its steamed? Yes. So, it is quite healthy as desserts go. It has eggs and milk and very little bread. And instead of food colour, we are using saffron. So, it’s a good choice when you are watching the calories.


½ litre milk, skimmed or full fat

2 eggs, beaten

2 slices white bread

2 teaspoons sugar

1 ½ teaspoon butter

Few strands of saffron

5-6 drops of pineapple essence

Slivered dry fruits for garnishing.


Boil the milk along with one teaspoon sugar and the saffron strands. Roughly tear the bread slices and add to the hot milk. Let the milk cool a little. When it is lukewarm, pour in the beaten eggs. Use your hands to mash everything together. In a deep pan, heat the butter. Once hot, add the remaining sugar. Stir constantly till its gets caramelised then switch off the flame. Best to switch off the flame when it is just about to get brown or you will burn it! Then don’t blame me if your pudding tastes bitter. Pour the milk batter over the caramel. Switch on the gas on a slow flame. Cover your sauce pan with a lid. You can even add some weight on top of your lid so that the steam doesn’t escape. Check your pudding after 10-12 minutes. Put a knife in it and if it comes out clean, your pudding is almost done. Top it with the slivered dry fruits and steam it for another couple of minutes. Yummy, healthy, homemade! Just the way you want it. Try it out!